Warehousing Services

At Wellennium Transport, Freight and Logistics we provide warehousing management systems to ensure that the entire logistics process is properly monitored Our ability to manage your stock effectively is of primary importance which is why Wellennium Transport, Freight and Logistics Ltd invests in warehouse management systems to ensure that the goods we store on your behalf are fully tracked, fully traceable and are delivered to your customers in prime condition. We already offer a wide range of services to manage your stock and to help facilitate the re-distribution of your goods. However, these services would be pretty meaningless unless we keep an accurate on-going record of your stock and the transactions which go through our dedicated warehousing. Our inventory management systems not only keep an accurate record of the process but we can also issue our customers with reports (KPI reports), which can also measure our performance in the management and distribution of your goods.
Warehousing Services

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